Thanks, and for you APE guests

A huge thank you to those who came out to the opening of the Stories premiere. I received so much feedback that i feel like maybe I can spin a few tales for you yet. If you missed the opening that is alright, I plan to add to the show this week. New prints and even a semi inter-active part of the show.  The show runs through October 31st tuesday-Saturday from 12-7pm. I really hope you take the time to check it out.

I have arrived home from the APE convention wiped out and very humbled. Met some great artists and even a game creator I have respected a great deal since the 90’s. It was the beginning of something I’ve been planning for many years, I just hope I can pull it off. For those of you awesome people I met at the convention, let me state that it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and thank you for looking at the art. Not just mine, but for all of there at the show. Thank You!

I’m currently updating the site and I am working on adding a shop component this week. So please check back later this week. Posters, prints, t-shirts and original art will be available. I cannot wait to share with you, but for now I must finally sleep.


Stories opens Oct 3rd

Stories On Friday, October 3rd I will be at the Kaleid Gallery  for the opening of my newest show “Stories” A collection of new works filled with many different stories from our world and others. I hope you will be able to make it out to the reception. No Jerks allowed :)

Stories Opening Reception: Friday October 3rd 7-11pm The Exhibition runs October 3-31st. Here’s a small behind the scenes preview of a few works in progress

That same weekend I will be at The Alternative Press Expo (Table 725b) with new works, prints, buttons and original Art. Very excited about this one. I’ll provide more information as we get closer to the convention.

San Jose Jazz Festival

I was hired by the San Jose Jazz festival to create a 3×8 foot chalk art piece near the childrens area during the event on Sunday August 10th, 2014. Piece was done in a few hours with a less than ideal surface.  Created it to blend in with Clif Gold’s piece he created the during the prior day through the first half of that Sunday.

Rest In Peace Robin Williams

I was heartbroken when I came home to discover Robin Williams had committed suicide. To see someone who’s work inspired me (and so many others) as a child to use humor to deal with life and make the best of things tugs at the heart. He was brilliant and able to show a great versatility to his craft. One moment he could be off the wall nuts to heart-breakingly vulnerable; where he could break your heart while you laughed (Fisher King comes to mind). He showed me it was okay to be random, a spastic goof, it was fine to be an oddball.

Hearing it was a suicide made sense to me. It’s often easy to make others laugh, it helps you get away from your own pain. To be frank, I was not a huge fan of his recent works, but I feel he still had many more decades in him still. I am so very grateful for the decades of influence that I was able to witness, thank you for the laughter and the tears. I will miss you deeply.RIP-ROBIN-WILLIAMS

Shows in July

This month is pretty busy.  I’ve been teaching everyday so I’ve been really busy.
Here are few events I am doing this month, where you can see me make my works and also score some new buttons/ original art / paintings. I’m preparing for two bigger shows and the APE convention, suffice it to say I’m in production mode right now.

Thursday July 17th

I will be working on a new painting through the night at the Triton Museum for the second Night at the Triton event. Free, all ages event running from 6-10pm.
More information can be found here:


Saturday July 19th Morning/mid afternoon
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John Cloud, Miguel Machuca, and myself will be creating huge pieces of Chalk Art for the attendees of the Market Wine Pour. For more information of the event go to:

Saturday July 19th Evening

FREMONT UNDERGROUND returns Saturday, July 24th.  I’ll be there from  6-10pm  live painting through the evening, bringing some new prints and buttons and possibly more.

We’re excited to have a new series of events for those of us that are DIY, Indie and off the mainstream. Come check it out and meet other artists, performers and creatives from the Fremont area all contributing to kick off a great event that will be monthly through October!


FUSE / Fremont Underground Social Experience
Saturday, July 24th  6-10pm
39112 State Street (Town Fiair Shopping Center),
Fremont, CA  (MAP)
FREE admission and plenty of free parking!

FUSE is made possible with the support of the City of Fremont.

3rd Saturdays of the month May-October (except Aug.)
39112 State St., Fremont, CA

Thursday July 24th 

Those of you in the Oakland/Alameda area, I do a monthly live painting night the the Layover Lounge from 6-10pm.
Come by, say hello score some prints/buttons possibly a commissioned piece while you’re at it, and of course the wonderful coctails and a really awesome
non-pretentious group of people. It’s a great way to unwind, see some Live art by myself and Nik Caesar with tunes spun by DJ Cuts on Demand.

The Layover
1517 Franklin St
Downtown Oakland, Ca

Subzero Festival this weekend

Taking-it-Day-by-DayThis weekend is the seventh annual subzero festival (
My latest painting made for the Kaleid Gallery for their “How I See Me” group art show which will be outside of the gallery and on display at the Kaleid Booth.

I will be there live painting at the Luna Park Chalk Art through the evenin both Friday and Saturday nights.


Last, but not least I am premiering my new zine “Life’s a Pisser: Analogue Edition” at the Zine booth.

Life's a Pisser Cover

Each hand numbered and signed.  The web-comic is coming back with more frequent updates once my class begins and I have more time to write and illustrate them.


March 21st 7-10pm see you there.

Despondency show preview from Michael Foley on Vimeo.

Don’t forget, this Friday March 21st from 7-10pm will be the closing reception for Despondency. I’ll be there live painting and raffling off the finished piece at the end of the evening.  $5 per raffle ticket to be able and take home an original piece of art is pretty sweet!

Art Boutiki
44 Race st
San Jose, Ca 95126
Heres a map

This has been the most personal show I have ever put out there.  It would have been a waste not to document it.  I hope you enjoy the video.  This show  put a fire under my feet, and really re-energized me in a way that I needed much more than I knew.  Perhaps I should stop avoiding  more possibilities and turning down solo shows due to being so damn insecure and just do them now  more often.

A big thank you to the folks at Heart of Chaos and Art Boutiki for having me, and getting me out of my own cave. A lot of love to them and to you for your support.