Thanks, and for you APE guests

A huge thank you to those who came out to the opening of the Stories premiere. I received so much feedback that i feel like maybe I can spin a few tales for you yet. If you missed the opening that is alright, I plan to add to the show this week. New prints and even a semi inter-active part of the show.  The show runs through October 31st tuesday-Saturday from 12-7pm. I really hope you take the time to check it out.

I have arrived home from the APE convention wiped out and very humbled. Met some great artists and even a game creator I have respected a great deal since the 90’s. It was the beginning of something I’ve been planning for many years, I just hope I can pull it off. For those of you awesome people I met at the convention, let me state that it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and thank you for looking at the art. Not just mine, but for all of there at the show. Thank You!

I’m currently updating the site and I am working on adding a shop component this week. So please check back later this week. Posters, prints, t-shirts and original art will be available. I cannot wait to share with you, but for now I must finally sleep.