A celebration of Life

Michael-Foley-Campbell-Art-boxSo I believe (99% sure) that the art box is finished.  This art box was commissioned by the City of Campbell.  This box is a celebration of Life,  Love and living in a  beautiful area.

The past few days working on this box I experienced  the positive affect it was having.  Some yelled from cars thanking us for doing this project at the intersection or while driving past.  Other people went out of their way to stop, come by and speak kindly of it and thank all of us artists who do their best to make the world a little more unique.  However the one that hit me the hardest was meeting the husband of one of the city officials. He was visibly emotional, he went to tell me that his wife passed on a week prior and that she chose this design, I didn’t know what to say except for  thanks (which made me feel like I’m a total dick). I hope it is a piece he enjoys and that he can find solace in a piece of art she chose.

The art box can be seen in person at:
499 E Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA 95008