Skate Punks September 9th-30th

SKATE PUNKS  September 9th-30th
at Ohana Board Shop in Downtown Willow Glen  
Ohana Board Shop 1228 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

“Skate Punks” features a creative look at skate and punk culture and how they tie into each other. Artists include: Sid Enck, Murphy Adams, Ricardo Gonzalez, Jason Adams, Christine Benjamin, Michael Foley, Ivy Atoms, Kori Thompson, Patrick Hofmeister and Rodrigo Robles Gonzalez.


Jewelry in production, minor delay and store phone #

STORE UPDATE: Supplies for the jewelry have been stuck in transit, so it’s taking a little longer than hoped, but should have everything before the end of the month. Also, if you tried to call the shop there was a disconnect with the phone, that’s been corrected. Sorry about that, and a big thank you to those who emailed me the issue.


Production update

It’s been a very busy two months at the School I teach at, but it doesn’t mean new works haven’t been in production.  Now that the semester is over I’m able to completely focus on working on these new works.  Over the weekend I’ll finish up the last of the commissions and send those out. Then it’s time to make the next batch of jewelry. 
      In the coming weeks the End of Summer sale will begin.
Combo prints, buttons, posters, Jewelry and some limited goodies will be available. I’ll talk more about this once it’s ready to go live.  Until then….


PBR Local Art Show May 19th starts at 7pm 21+

“Ten To Eternity”   48x36x1.5″ painting on canvas

Kicking off the 10 years of Jack’s Celebration
with tons of local artist displaying pieces* that involve Jack’s Bar!

 Show starts at 7pm 
Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon

Artists include:
Ricardo Gonzalez
Tad Malone
Andy Wallace
Vanessa Callanta
Jorge Cruz
Force 129
Jeremiah Harada
Miguel Machuca
Tyson Johnston
Michael Foley
Anabella Pinion
Anthony Trayer
Kori Thompson
Max Dehart
Mr. Wim
Rich Luna

*all sales go directly to the artists and can be picked up starting June 1st


Jacks Bar
167 E. Taylor St. at 4th, Japantown,
San Jose, Ca 95112



FAUNA ANOMALY at the Fe Gallery

Update: this original work can be purchased directly through FE Gallery’s online store:“Consumerist Obsessis”

From April 8th through June 1st I have a new work available through the Fe Gallery (

FAUNA ANOMALY [2017] back by popular demand is curated by John Stuart Berger. John who is known for his creepy crawlers and other curious creatures is also Program Director of Short Center North and has included several students and staff from the Short Center North along with many other exceptionally talented artists from Northern California.
Featuring over 40 artists whose art ranges from the hauntingly beautiful to the grotesquely abnormal.

Opening Artist Reception 2nd Saturday April 8, 2017 at 6pm.

Live blacksmith demonstration by Stephen Lyman and friends, 2nd Saturday


Roberta Almerez, Christine Benjamin, Jackson Berger,John Stuart Berger, Jose Bodas, Melanie Bown, Robert Bowen, Rusty Boyer, Steve Brorstrom, Tysen Cannady, Ashley Clark, Nathan Cordero, Carrie Cottini, Matt Crouch, Val Fernandez, Michael Foley, Clave Fourie, Fidel Gonzales, Bruce Gossett, William Haddad, Char Hall, Dan Herrera, Waylon Horner, Jared Konopitski, Dimitre Lavana, Julie Madden, Daniel Meidinger, Margo Mitrovich, JoMur, Bobby Jo Perkins, Tony Reed, Randy Reitz, Barbara Schubert, Kim Scott, , Mick Sheldon, St√©phanie Skalisky, Susan Silvester, Jill Allyn Stafford, Janet Takahashi,  Angela Tannehill, Jared Tharp, Clifford Willard, Aaron Winters, Ulysses Wong, Va Moua Xiong and more

The exhibit runs through June 1st, 2017.


Fingers Deep in Western Civilization

“Fingers Deep In Western Civilization”

New painting made Thursday evening for the San Jose Psycho Donuts store. This was a quick loose piece with one goal: have fun.  This painting can be viewed and purchased directly at the Psycho Donuts San Jose. 

Psycho Donuts
288 S 2nd St 
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 533-1023


Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricks day to all of you. You would think being born a ginger, pale with near glow in the dark skin, freckles and a name like Foley I would be all about the day and dressed to the nines, but I’m here in clothing covered in paint from the pieces I’m working on.Funny how life works out like that.
      I hope your holiday (if you are one to celebrate) is wonderful and a safe time. Though I don’t celebrate, it doesn’t mean I’ve never been inspired by this part of my heritage, so enjoy some art inspired by the Emerald Isle.

Dearg Due is Dying“Dearg-Due is Dying”  this one sold many years ago was a minor tribute to one of the original Irish vampires. Think this was from 2011 or 2012?

“LUSH” A illustration for St Paddy’s day done in 2014.


Also, today we saw the Prime Minister of Ireland dropping important facts on a very misinformed human being and his cabinet.