Graphic Design And Website Creation

Web Design            

Over the Nine years of‘s life the site has gone through many revisions.
Being ArthousekidsSITEmy own webmaster I hand-coded the entire site. Months later I then reformatted the whole site as a HTML & flash hybrid website (yes FLASH, this was 2005 after all).  As technology progressed (and with the tremendous growth of smart phones and tablets) I rebuilt the site to be more mobile friendly. Rebuilding the site exclusively using HTML, Javascript & CSS to ensure  compatibility between various devices and the many different browsers. To this day I am still my own webmaster for my sites and (as well as a few of my Clients websites).  I have moved over to a wordpress based system to ease my workflow between my clients and my own personal works.  I still utilize a lot of CSS and HTML adjustments to the sites to tailor it to my desires and do just the same for my clients.


My Clients


I tend to often work with independent Artists, Non-Profits and Small Business’s who need to be able to maintain their presence online with a website which they can maintain quite easily on their own, without having to know how to code or even use any ftp software. This allows them to keep their website current and more importantly, enabling them to build a stronger presence online with more content added regularly.


These two examples above are Older versions of Local Artists Lacey Bryant’s  and my former version of this website. These versions of the sites were complete overhauls. Re-designing the layouts, simplifying the sites for easier readability on smaller screens and removal of all Flash. The interactive galleries were converted to a javascript based gallery to ensure these would function on mobile devices (I.E apple/Google based tablets and phones).

Currently, these sites have been converted to a wordpress based system. This has allowed these clients (and myself) the ability to easily update their sites on any computer, tablet, smartphone and even game console! Empowering them and giving them more time to create content. This move has made the sites not only easier to maintain, but much faster to upload content and update more frequently.

The third is a website made for artist Al Preciado ( Per his requests to create a website that he could easily manage and update regularly, I set him up with a new domain/hosting and installed a private wordpress client. The site was setup with a simple minimal design. With the ability to be customized later through more hands on HTML and CSS adjustments.

Graphic Design

For quite a few years now, I have made many flyers. Many for myself to promote group shows I have curated as well as many of my solo shows.  I have also made flyers/ business cards over the years for smaller indie bands/start-ups. Many are digitally created in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and others have been created through traditional mediums. Below are just some of the flyers I still have left on my drives (lesson learned the hard way about data backups).



  • Uses Adobe Creative Suite (Cs-CC) to create and optimize your media for web.
  • Motion Grpahic and Promotional videos for artists,galleries and smaller boutiques.
  • High resolution Photograph and scan services  for artists who need to archive and make Prints of their work.
  • Preparing Artists work for print.
  • Still photography  and post production services.
  • HTML, CSS and light Javscript
  • WordPress Installation, tutoring services to help creative types learn to manage their site and keep it up to date.
  • Reliable, clear communication and locally based in the Southbay.