Fingers Deep in Western Civilization

“Fingers Deep In Western Civilization”

New painting made Thursday evening for the San Jose Psycho Donuts store. This was a quick loose piece with one goal: have fun.  This painting can be viewed and purchased directly at the Psycho Donuts San Jose. 

Psycho Donuts
288 S 2nd St 
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 533-1023


Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricks day to all of you. You would think being born a ginger, pale with near glow in the dark skin, freckles and a name like Foley I would be all about the day and dressed to the nines, but I’m here in clothing covered in paint from the pieces I’m working on.Funny how life works out like that.
      I hope your holiday (if you are one to celebrate) is wonderful and a safe time. Though I don’t celebrate, it doesn’t mean I’ve never been inspired by this part of my heritage, so enjoy some art inspired by the Emerald Isle.

Dearg Due is Dying“Dearg-Due is Dying”  this one sold many years ago was a minor tribute to one of the original Irish vampires. Think this was from 2011 or 2012?

“LUSH” A illustration for St Paddy’s day done in 2014.


Also, today we saw the Prime Minister of Ireland dropping important facts on a very misinformed human being and his cabinet. 


A few months of Donuts

Since the fall of 2016 I’ve been painting giant donuts (in between commissions, gallery and client work) for the Santa Clare Psycho Donuts shop.Some were quick and effortless, the final piece was a bit more of a challenge.
       That last piece is the store’s new marquee sign. Originally  finished in mid January and was going through the the last bit of varnish to dry…then the storms hit and dramatically damaged all the work.
     A leak in a roof heavily damaged 75% of the piece. This required the art to dry out, repaint and varnished, MANY hours lost that can’t be billed for this unfortunate incident, but the works needs to be finished, and and finished well. 
     Many hours later the piece is repaired and two weeks later (Today) we spent the day installing the multiple works in the shop. Then we went to rig the current lighting we have in shop to make the marquee pop out more. By the end of the night I was relieved to see the many hours of work paid off. Seeing the marquee from the parking lot it filled me with a great sense of pride.
    If you would like to see these permanent paintings (as well as a great deal of original art from many amazing rotating artists) please come on down.
Psycho Donuts
2000 El Camino Real #11,
Santa Clara, CA 95050





Hello all of you lovely people. October is finally here! To celebrate my favorite month I’m doing a morning sketch everyday for inktober and
and offering the original to any interested collector on my store. Feel free the check it out, bookmark the shop, check back daily.


more works soon

I’ve been knee deep in school right now.  Thankfully I have some really talented kids whom I’m quite proud of the progress they have made in the short summer session.  This weekend I plan to put up some recent works I’ve been making on the website and store, perhaps do a few more videos. Need to get back into that as I might be doing more video work on a project that I cannot announce at the moment, fingers crossed.


Family Commission

Batman-for-ChinooI received a commission I couldn’t refuse.  My five year old nephew made a request one evening that I draw Batman fighting a Velociraptor. Thought nothing of it, but every time I see him he would bring it up, so why not. I laid down some quick pencils and spent this afternoon digitally painting it.  The whole piece was recorded and the video is can be seen below or on my youtube channel.


youtube Channel and update on the Book.

Hello all,  so I’m working on more videos (and learning more video production and editing in the process) to give you more of a hands on look into how I make my works. You can see them on my youtube channel here:  Please feel free to subscribe and leave any comments or suggestions (please be nice).

These videos are a wonderful way to keep myself motivated to work harder and to show you fans and collectors sometimes how the art is made.  In regards to Art, I’ve been producing more one off works that will go up directly on the store later in the week.

Also, I received a few messages about the next Lifes a Pisser book, YES it is still in production, but the timetable has been changed.  I don’t want to announce a release date as I’ve completely re-written the book twice and scrapped many panels.  Just know the next book I plan to make will be a full length graphic novel. It’s going to be awhile between client work, gallery shows, commissions and teaching however this project is still happening.