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Happy 2016 everyone!   Recently I added a bunch of works to the Illustration and Painting galleries, please take a look.  Many of the original works are still available, some are on my store, more are regularly added.  I offer prints of various sizes, so please inquire. The holiday saled is extended through January, the prices of many works are slashed in price and include free shipping (http://squareup.com/market/onibatsu) .

Commissions are open, if you would like a custom piece email me:
info@onibatsu.com   with the header “Commission” for a quicker reply.


RIP Lemmy Kilmister































“Goodnight you Little Hellraiser” 13×19″ prints available

I saw the news about Lemmy Kilmister’s passing this morning. I was never much of a motorhead fan, but I always like Lemmy.  He didn’t sugar coat anything and was usually pretty blunt, which is why I always loved reading or seeing any interviews with him.  Decided to make this piece today as a semi tribute. Good night Lemmy.


Onibatsu Holiday wallpapers


















Hi everyone,  before the holidays are done I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your support, from those of you here in California and much more of you who are in different states and other countries (at least according to my web stats). So as a thank you I put together a collection of wallpapers for your use on your computer/phone.  from 1024×768 resolution to 1920×1080. This one’s on me, thank you for your support through the years.  May you and your loved ones have a very wonderful holidays ūüôā

download zip file below
2015 Onibatsu Wallpapers


Holiday Art Sale

The Holiday Sale has begun

Looking for that gift for that loved one, co-worker or just decided to treat yourself? Might I suggest checking out my store. In the Holidays Sale section you will find original works, premium posters and more sweet items,  with free shipping to boot. More items are added daily.  Not only are you getting something you cannot get anywhere else, but you are helping me to continue to make and share my art.

Visit the shop today!


Chalk art at the Classic Car show

I was hired to do a chalk art piece for the 8th Annual Rompacoglioni Car Club’s Classic Car Show & Food Drive in Willow Glen. This is an all ages family event so I made sure to make something that would fit, have cars involved and told a little story.¬†The Burrito Bandits


SF Zinefest tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m¬†at¬†the San Francisco Zine Fest. I’ll be there with some prints, new buttons and the zine. The new mini zine (leading up to the book) wont make it tomorrow as I am dealing with some major printer failure. However, in lieu of this I will bring more originals with me.

The festival is free for Attendees. If you were looking for a cool thing to do in San Francisco, this is a good one.
Hope to see you there, I’ll be at booth 215
(here is the layout map: SFZF_2015_table_map_0904). http://www.sfzinefest.org/


Haves and Have Nots in the Bay Area

Making¬†the rounds today and ¬†decided to also shoot a bit.¬†Trying to re-energize¬†and get more ideas for the books and shows. ¬†Earlier ¬†I came across a sad,¬†abandoned motel near moffett field. ¬†It looks like it was mostly used for semi-permanent housing but the tenants were¬†uprooted and forced to look for housing elsewhere. Tons of personal items tossed outside in the parking lot, others abandoned in front of the doors of the various units. Oddly enough¬†there were 6 older Mercedes Benz there collecting dust. The bay area is really nasty with housing right now, makes me wonder how many of these tenants were “stock millionaires” ¬†during the last tech bubble.¬†Moffett Motel (1 of 6) Moffett Motel (2 of 6) Moffett Motel (3 of 6) Moffett Motel (4 of 6) Moffett Motel (5 of 6) Moffett Motel (6 of 6)