Chalk art at the Classic Car show

I was hired to do a chalk art piece for the 8th Annual Rompacoglioni Car Club’s Classic Car Show & Food Drive in Willow Glen. This is an all ages family event so I made sure to make something that would fit, have cars involved and told a little story. The Burrito Bandits


SF Zinefest tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m at the San Francisco Zine Fest. I’ll be there with some prints, new buttons and the zine. The new mini zine (leading up to the book) wont make it tomorrow as I am dealing with some major printer failure. However, in lieu of this I will bring more originals with me.

The festival is free for Attendees. If you were looking for a cool thing to do in San Francisco, this is a good one.
Hope to see you there, I’ll be at booth 215
(here is the layout map: SFZF_2015_table_map_0904).


Haves and Have Nots in the Bay Area

Making the rounds today and  decided to also shoot a bit. Trying to re-energize and get more ideas for the books and shows.  Earlier  I came across a sad, abandoned motel near moffett field.  It looks like it was mostly used for semi-permanent housing but the tenants were uprooted and forced to look for housing elsewhere. Tons of personal items tossed outside in the parking lot, others abandoned in front of the doors of the various units. Oddly enough there were 6 older Mercedes Benz there collecting dust. The bay area is really nasty with housing right now, makes me wonder how many of these tenants were “stock millionaires”  during the last tech bubble. Moffett Motel (1 of 6) Moffett Motel (2 of 6) Moffett Motel (3 of 6) Moffett Motel (4 of 6) Moffett Motel (5 of 6) Moffett Motel (6 of 6)


The random sessions

Following up on the Larry David Piece, I did a few more random pieces. These are prints now available at the Kaleid Gallery and are available online by request.  Enjoy. California-LandscapesJason-datingRodericks-ChamberTablet-test


Back to the grind

Once I finished the art box and some other commissions it’s back to the grind. Working on the new Life’s A Pisser zine and trying to get used to this different work flow.  It’s coming along slower than I hoped, plus ran into a big bug with Windows 10 which caused me to wipe the drive,  do a clean install this time and also tweak the software and older hardware to work like before (which killed my entire weekend). So back to work, all day just grinding away. However, I just gave myself a quick break from the zine to make this piece in about 35-40 minutes.  Well, back to work now.Larry-David


A celebration of Life

Michael-Foley-Campbell-Art-boxSo I believe (99% sure) that the art box is finished.  This art box was commissioned by the City of Campbell.  This box is a celebration of Life,  Love and living in a  beautiful area.

The past few days working on this box I experienced  the positive affect it was having.  Some yelled from cars thanking us for doing this project at the intersection or while driving past.  Other people went out of their way to stop, come by and speak kindly of it and thank all of us artists who do their best to make the world a little more unique.  However the one that hit me the hardest was meeting the husband of one of the city officials. He was visibly emotional, he went to tell me that his wife passed on a week prior and that she chose this design, I didn’t know what to say except for  thanks (which made me feel like I’m a total dick). I hope it is a piece he enjoys and that he can find solace in a piece of art she chose.

The art box can be seen in person at:
499 E Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA 95008


Public Art Piece for the City of Campbell

Starting this monday I will be painting a new Artbox for the city of Campbell. This is going to be a fun little piece with everyone’s favorite Oni on display. The box is located right off the Hamilton exit directly in front of the Elephant Bar. I shall post update shots while making the piece. If you find yourself in the neighborhood swing by and say hello.


Art this weekend

Happy belated 4th of July for those of you residing in the U.S.  This weekend was a busy one. Did a chalk art piece for the  Rose Red White and Blue parade Chalk-Art11403312_10207078771992684_1621518388093765100_nThen it was back to work. Changing my workflow for the coming book I did a sketch with the new tablet trying to get the hang of things. It will improve 🙂 11698845_10153094784348042_254878325396153807_o