Matsuri No Oni

I was commissioned by Rasteroids Designs to make a 5.5×9 ft banner for Japan town to become a part of the community for the next few months +.

This was a piece that was simplified as I had a few days to create this piece and I had to make sure it was nothing offensive which is common when to creating public art. My original idea for the design was overly ambitious which would have needed a few weeks to finish, however I was very satisfied with this version.

Completely done in Adobe Illustrator, this piece made my workstation cry, I think the final output file was over 2gigs. I learned a LOT about illustrator working on this project and I am happy to have learned some new techniques. I get to see this piece on display with lots of other banners made by some really amazing artists here where I live, which is an honor to be part of.

This piece can be found on 7th street between Taylor and Jackson. For more information on the japantown mural project please Check out Resteroid Design’s link here:





so I finally had my question about a recent change answered. That gentleman you see rollerskating in all white throughout San Jose for many years  has recently been walking around in black instead. I ran into him outside of the Kaleid Gallery and spoke with him. Bill said he wanted to be taken seriously while he runs for city council this time around. My curiosity was satiated.I am not endorsing ANY politician. [NOTE] I simply ran into a local san jose individual and took some shots.


Hanky Panky


Just finished this piece this morning.  For the mischief show. I have been thinking about the old carnival/circus strong men. Strong yes, but strong enough to resist love? That was what i was thinking about while making this. Heading off to the city to submit to gallery.